US Passport Applications & Renewals

Plan Ahead!

Check your expiration dates.  Many countries require your passport to be valid at least 6 months from your planned return date.  You can be denied entry if your passport isn’t valid past 6 months.

Message from the U.S Department of Consular Affairs: 

In response to increased passport demand, as of today, March 24, routine passport processing takes 10-13 weeks from the time we receive the application; expedited processing ($60 extra) takes 7-9 weeks.

Processing times begin when the application is received by a passport agency and do not include mailing times. The new processing times only apply to applications submitted on or after March 24.
We strongly urge Americans to check their passport expiration dates before booking travel and apply for their passports at least six months ahead of planned travel or expiration date. We’re working hard to boost staffing, meet the demand surge, and get you traveling again.

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